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Lansinoh - Post-Birth Wash Bottle

Lansinoh - Post-Birth Wash Bottle

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What's inside
peri bottle with collapsible spout
+  waterproof storage bag
+  360ml capacity

How to use
+  for gentle washing of the perineal area 
+  for postpartum care (vaginal and c-section birth)
+  useful as a portable bidet

+  provide soothing comfort
+  360 spray upside down
+  dilutes the stinging effect of urine
+  add a few drops of witch hazel for added relief
+  gynecologically tested
+  awarded Platinum in the Loved by Parents Awards 2022 for Best New Mum product and Gold in the Mother & Baby 2022 awards for best pregnancy/maternity product

Free from
+  BPA

What mamas say
+  This little bottle was so handy while recovering from child birth.
+  Best purchase ever made for postpartum recovery. I needed having episiotomy during a vaginal birth and this is by far the one thing I am so glad I got in time. 
+  Amazing!! It really helped when going to the toilet for cleaning purposes and also comfort. It helps to dilute the acid in the urine so stinging is minimal if any when you've had stitches.
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