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Medela - Nipple Shields 2 Pack with Storage Case

Medela - Nipple Shields 2 Pack with Storage Case

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What's inside
one pair with storage case
size M (20mm)

enables breastfeeding despite latch-on difficulties or sore, flat or inverted nipples
offers relief from sore and cracked nipples 
safe-made of ultra-fine soft, odourless and taste-free silicone
+  helps mums with flat, inverted or sore nipples or an overactive let-down 
 helps with latch-on difficulties by providing a larger, firmer target for latching
unique cut-out shape allows for high skin contact between the mother and baby

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What mamas say
Highly recommended. My son was diagnosed with a tongue tie after a week of poor latch and very painful feeding with cracked nipples. Infant feeding specialist recommended these nipple shields and they have 100% saved my breastfeeding journey. 
+  I was introduced to shields at hospital whilst trying to get my baby to latch. The shield was thin, easy to use and provided him with additional length to latch whilst learning to breastfeed. The box is a nice bonus if you want to get out and about.
+  Amazing product that really saved my breastfeeding journey as a first time mum. I was at the point of giving up until I used these shields. I highly recommend these to anyone!
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