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Spacemasks - Self Heating Eye Masks

Spacemasks - Self Heating Eye Masks

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Each pouch contains a self-heating eye mask which will transport you to another dimension relieving many Earthly tensions. The warmth comes alive as soon as you open it. So make sure you're fully reclined and ready for lift off.

What's inside
5 pouches 

+  self-heating, heat up within a couple of minutes
+  original jasmine scented
+  relieving tiredness, eye strain and headaches
+  safe during pregnancy
+  for relaxing during the day and to drift off to sleep
+  for getting back to sleep after a night feed
+  for long flights
+  can be used over and over again as an ordinary eye mask
cruelty free and vegan

the masks are made of cotton and only contain essence of jasmine and iron powder so all entirely natural

What mamas say
+  They're a dream for relaxation, switching off to go to sleep. Extremely comfortable. I love them.
+  Absolutely love these, they're luxurious enough to make me feel fancy but they actually relax me so much and I have such a peaceful sleep with them!
They are AMAZING! The perfect way to get to sleep, ease a headache or just generally have some time to relax.
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