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Natracare - Organic Breast Pads

Natracare - Organic Breast Pads

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What's inside
26 pads

+  super soft organic cotton
+  disc-shaped
cushioned pad
leak-proof barrier
+  biodegradable & compostable
made for sensitive skin
made from plant-based, breathable materials, vegan

Free from
perfumes, dyes, chlorine, GMO, plastic

certified organic cotton, sustainably certified cellulose pulp, plant starch, BPA-free medical grade glue
+  cardboard packaging

What mamas say
 These pads are amazing so soft and comfy. I love it.
They are as soft as clouds. If you want to avoid or get rid of a case of thrush, these pads will help! They are truly breathable.
+  I have tried a few different types of breast pads & these are by far the best. Others I have tried I have either had a reaction to, or the edges are scratchy.
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