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The Ginger People - GIN GINS® Original Ginger Chews (84g)

The Ginger People - GIN GINS® Original Ginger Chews (84g)

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What's inside
chewy ginger candy

+  an enjoyable alternative to anti-nausea medicine
great for tummy troubles, nausea and digestion
popular for morning sickness, motion sickness, long-distance running, singing
+  made with fresh ginger
America’s #1 selling ginger candy

Free from
GMO, Gluten

+  Cane sugar, ginger, tapioca starch

What mamas say
+  Fantastic for pregnancy nausea. Was pleasantly surprised. Helped with morning sickness.
+  I find them very helpful for nausea and an upset stomach. They taste great and works wonders for heartburn too!
+  These are so incredibly delicious lol I am in early stages of pregnancy and they work really well to ease nausea. I will always buy these and keep them around the house and in my bag cause they so tasty! Love the chewiness and just great flavor. Addicting tasty treat.
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